Dr Johan Farrugia

  • Position: Partner
  • Practice Areas: Financial Services, Corporate Law
  • Qualifications: LL.B. with Philosophy, Dip. Not. Pub, LL.D.(Malta)
  • Languages Spoken: Maltese, English, French and Italian
  • Other Notes: Bar Admission, Superior Courts of Malta
  • Email: johan.farrugia@dfadvocates.com

Experience and Key Assignments

Johan Farrugia is a qualified lawyer and a Senior Associate with DF Advocates.

Having obtained his Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta in 2012 and his subsequent admission to the bar, Dr Farrugia’s line of expertise focuses primarily on financial services.
Prior to joining DF Advocates, Johan trained and worked in both civil and criminal litigation in private practice and joined the Malta Financial Services Authority as a legal research analyst within the Regulatory Development Unit whereby he worked on cross-sectoral issues of a macro-prudential nature affecting the financial services industry with particular focus on the banking sector.

Johan ’s principle areas of practice are capital markets, investment services, banking, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), digital markets and

digital ledger technology (DLT) related projects.