MFSA Announces Consultation on Changes to Chapter 3 of the Virtual Financial Assets Rulebook<\/h5><\/a>
22 September 2023<\/div>

The Malta Financial Services Authority (\u2018MFSA\u2019) has, on the 18 September 2023, issued a draft version of the updated Chapter 3 of the Virtual Financial Assets Rulebook for consultation (the \u2018Consultation Document\u2019). The Consultation Document aims to align the VFA Framework following the entry into force of the Markets in Crypto- Assets Regulation (\u2018MiCAR\u2019) in...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

Malta Enterprise Announces Financial Assistance for ESG Reporting<\/h5><\/a>
12 September 2023<\/div>

The Minister for the Environment together with the Malta Enterprise CEO have announced a new ESG Grant intended to help support small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in enhancing their sustainability and further push them to be more environmentally conscious. The Grant aims at providing financial assistance to an extensive list of businesses which will...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

Landmark Judgement: DF Advocates successfully assists client with obtaining recognition of names assumed after contracting marriage in a foreign jurisdiction – the court orders the public registry to update its records and procedures.<\/h5><\/a>
8 August 2023<\/div>

L-Avukat Dr. Marlon Borg b\u0127ala mandatarju spe\u010bjali tal-assenti Michael Debono Mrden vs. Direttur tar-Re\u0121istru Pubbliku (452\/21\/1 JVC) Court of Appeal (Superior Jurisdiction) 12th July 2023 Overview On the 12th of July 2023, the Court of Appeal in its Superior Jurisdiction (\u201cCOA\u201d) overturned a judgment delivered from the First Hall Civil Court (\u201cFHCC\u201d) whereby the COA...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

FIAU publishes its 2023-2024 AML\/CFT Supervisory Plan<\/h5><\/a>
27 July 2023<\/div>

On the 25th July 2023, the FIAU published its supervisory priorities for the year 2023-2024. In determining the said plan, the FIAU has adopted a risk-based approached which was based on the information submitted annually by subject persons through the submission of an \u201cAnnual Risk Evaluation Questionnaire\u201d along with data obtained from other sources such...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

17 April 2023<\/div>

In December 2021, the European Maritime Safety Agency carried out a detailed assessment of the training and certification system in place in the Philippines for seafarers whereby a number of shortcomings were identified.  The European Commission informed the Philippines that unless serious measures are taken and International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

Notified PIFs: MFSA publishes Consultation Document<\/strong><\/h5><\/a>
28 December 2022<\/div>

The Malta Financial Services Authority (\u2018MFSA\u2019) has published a set of draft Investment Services Rules and draft amendments to existing rulebooks for the proposed framework of \u2018Notified Professional Investor Funds\u2019 (Notified PIFs). The MFSA also intends to issue a dedicated application form, appendices, checklists and guidance notes on the new regime. In drafting the new...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

SMB publishes guidance notes on screening obligations<\/strong><\/h5><\/a>
27 December 2022<\/div>

On the 23rd December, the Sanctions Monitoring Board (\u2018SMB\u2019) issued two guidance notes on the applicability of screening obligations against sanctions and adverse media. The National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act imposes certain obligations on screening against sanctions lists or restrictive measures imposed by the European Union and the United Nations. The Act further specifies that...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>

The DLT Pilot Regime: ESMA issues guidelines to applicants<\/h5><\/a>
16 December 2022<\/div>

On the 15th December 2022, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published the Final Report comprising of guidelines on standard templates, forms and formats to be used by market participants when applying for permission to operate any type of Distributed Ledger Technology (\u2018DLT\u2019) based market infrastructure under the DLT Regulation (\u2018DLTR\u2019). The Report also...<\/p><\/a>READ MORE +<\/a>\n\t\t\t<\/div>