COVID-19: Third financial package to aid businesses

This evening the Prime Minister Robert Abela announced a third set of measures applicable retrospectively from 9 March 2020 in order to aid businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These measures include the following:

  • A payment by the Government of a full salary of €800 to all workers, being either employees or self-employed persons who work in certain critical sectors which include, among others, wholesale, retail, accommodation, food and beverage, leasing of motor vehicles, entertainment, security and transport. Where the salary of any of these workers is more than €800 but less than €1200, the Prime Minister announces that it has been agreed that the employer will be paying the difference up till €1,200.
  • The payment of one day’s salary per week per employee, based on a monthly pay of €800 for other sectors less affected such as the manufacturing industry but with a possibility of increasing this to a two day’s salary depending on the development of the economic situation.
  • The payment of two day’s salary per week for Gozitan employees and self-employed in less critical sectors.

The aforementioned measures shall also apply to part-time employees on a pro-rata basis, based on monthly remuneration of €500.

We will be providing you with full details in relation to this package as soon as these are published. Do not hesitate to contact us on info@dfadvocates.com should you require any assistance regarding the above in relation to your business.

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