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Public Procurement

DF Advocates has provided extensive legal assistance to a variety of clients ranging from governmental and public entities to private local and international investors and has advised on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), public procurement as well as cross-border transactions.

The firm is very active in the field of public procurement and public concessions, having provided copious legal advice with respect to a variety of public competitive processes leading to the award of tenders and concessions or privatisation of public owned entities as well as for private bidders participating in similar processes.

DF Advocates has also been involved in an array of major projects bringing together retail, commercial and residential use.

Malta’s rapid economic growth has led to a new wave of construction and capital projects. This, in conjunction with Malta’s initiative to generate employment in the private sector, Malta’s significant investment in its transport infrastructure as well as Malta’s appetite to generate investment opportunities across the board, has made Malta an attractive jurisdiction for both local and foreign investors.


Jonathan Thompson


DF is my go to firm for legal advice.
They have assisted me on a broad array of projects including a MFSA regulated bank, a MSE listed fund and family tax planning. They are knowledgeable and business oriented at the same time, which is rare.

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