Real Estate and Construction


Real estate, in all of its various forms, sits at the core of Malta’s economy. Historically, real estate investment has always paid its dividends, be it small-scale property purchases or large-scale residential and commercial speculation.

That notwithstanding the construction industry continues to face a number of challenges which require careful planning and professional consultation which is attentive to detail in order to achieve long term prosperity.

DF Advocates has a team of lawyers whose specialist expertise and experience ranges across planning, construction and engineering, property litigation, asset management and finance in all types of real estate whether residential, commercial, retail, leisure, industrial, agricultural or mixed-use properties. We understand the issues you face right now as well as the ones on the horizon.

We realize that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Whatever stage your business is involved – from the earliest considerations of land purchases and property acquisition, to long-term management and income-generation – DF Advocates may provide you with specialists that truly understand your individual needs and challenges.

We can assist and advise property owners, developers, builders, contractors, property management companies, hospitality businesses, factories and industrial plants, banks, lenders, investors, funds and insurance companies during any phase of the project.


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