Capital Markets

Deguara Farrugia Advocates has built a repertoire of experience in advising issuers on the full spectrum of debt and equity capital market transactions including standalone bonds, debt programmes, private placements and initial public offerings. Our dedicated team advises on all aspects of capital market transactions (ranging from vanilla-type issues to complex structured products) and is further complemented by experts in tax law and financial regulation. The firm has assisted a multitude of clients in structuring capital market transactions also on a cross-border basis.

DF Consultancy Services Limited, an intra-group entity set up for the purpose of having a full dedicated arm focusing on the needs of our financial services clients, is also admitted as a Corporate Advisor assisting a number of local and European clients in the process leading to the issuance and listing of securities on the Prospects MTF – the Malta Stock Exchange Multilateral Trading Facility targeting SMEs. In acting as Corporate Advisor, we provide ongoing compliance and corporate governance support to issuing entities throughout the term of the listing of the securities. DF Consultancy Services Limited currently acts as Corporate Advisor of Agriholdings plc, Busy Bee Finance plc and CC Finance Group plc.

DF Consultancy Services Limited shall at all times maintain independence, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical standards, and will ensure that any conflict of interest is identified, mitigated and eliminated, or where this is not possible, to disclose such conflict and the manner in which it shall be managed. 

In the event that DF consultancy Services Limited invests or trades in securities issued by its client Prospects MTF Companies, such investment or trade will be immediately disclosed. 

Ultimately, DF Consultancy Services Limited shall ensure that it acts honestly, fairly and professionally in the best interests of its clients Prospects MTF Companies.

DF advocates is a tightly woven network of highly skilled lawyers and staff professionals who continue to help Exante grow our business through proactive representation. The Lawyers and their teams have taken time to understand our business and our culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. Because of their experience, they arrive at solutions quickly. We value our partnership with DF.

Patrick J O Brien
Director of Communications


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