Five Years of Maltese Residency by Investment

In August 2015, the Maltese Government introduced changes to Chapter 217 of the Laws of Malta, permitting foreign investors to obtain a Permanent Residence permit in Malta. This is done by means of investing in government bonds under the Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP).

This change in law gives Third-country nationals the opportunity to gain the right to permanent and indefinite Maltese residence for themselves and their families, as well as visa-free Schengen access, by investing in Maltese government bonds, renting/or buying a property in Malta, and payment a moderate administrative contribution to register for the program. The program covers up to four generations of the investor’s family (grandparents, parents, spouse, and children).

 Five years on…

Five years on from its launch, and the program continues to go from strength to strength. Year one saw over 400 families apply for the program, year four saw this number quadruple to 1600 families, with a significant uptake emanating from the South African and Chinese markets. The keen uptake and interest in Maltese residence and the program stems from investors, families, retirees and many more for whom permanent residence in Malta brings comfort factors such as its steady economic growth; political stability; geographical location; booming sectors including financial services, maritime, aviation, gaming and real estate; tax efficient systems; as well as being considered as one of the world’s safest countries.

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