Malta: Mergers & Acquisition Laws and Regulations 2021

ICLG have recently published the 15th Edition of ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’ legal guide for the year of 2021, providing insight into the legal of aspects of mergers and acquisitions in different jurisdictions. Dr Maria Deguara and Dr Celia Mifsud were privileged with the task of writing up a chapter on Malta’s system of mergers and acquisitions, Chapter 27: ‘Malta: Mergers & Acquisition Laws and Regulations 2021’, based on the Maltese legislative framework, mainly the Companies Act (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta). The legal guide incorporates the salient points on the matter, with chapters encompassing content related to the relevant Authorities and Legislation, including M&A laws and regulations; the Mechanics of Acquisition; Friendly and Hostile Takeovers; Information accessible to the buyer; Stakebuilding; Deal Protection; Bidder Protection; Target Defences; and other useful information. One can find the published chapter featured on ICLG.com, on the following link: