Jean C. Farrugia

Senior Partner

Competition Law

DF Advocates advises on all aspects of local and EU competition legislation including mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, distribution, franchising and licensing agreements. We have assisted various local and international clients both as claimants and defendants in proceedings before the Commission for Fair Trading and in submissions to the Office of Fair Competition.

Our services in this specialized area include:

  1. the vetting of our clients’ commercial agreements ensuring that they do not contravene the provisions of the Competition Act and the EU Competition regulations;
  2. advising on compliance of local and cross-border agreements and practices with EU law, in particular the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital;
  3. the identification of business opportunities ensuing from the country’s participation in the internal market;
  4. the identification of funding opportunities in the form of grants and loans under the Community programmes and funds.

Moreover DF Advocates regularly carries out research into Community legislation and case law developed by the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance enabling us to provide our clients with a prompt and holistic service on matters concerning:

  1. Consumer Protection;
  2. Data Protection;
  3. Intellectual Property Rights;
  4. Block Exemptions
  5. Mutual Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments within EU Member States;
  6. Harmonisation of Legislation in the field of Financial Services;
  7. Electronic Communications;
  8. Procedures before the European Institutions.

Jean C. Farrugia

Senior Partner

DF advocates is a tightly woven network of highly skilled lawyers and staff professionals who continue to help Exante grow our business through proactive representation. The Lawyers and their teams have taken time to understand our business and our culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. Because of their experience, they arrive at solutions quickly. We value our partnership with DF.

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Director of Communications


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