Dispute Resolution

Due to the crucial importance of time in a business environment, as a law firm DF Advocates strongly believes that out-of-court methods of settlement provide a faster, and a more satisfactory outcome to all the parties involved.

Our firm is very active in out-of-court settlements, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration, and is continuously aware of the ever increasing need of prompt dispute resolution and as well as the value of confidentiality in today’s commercial reality. We have also assisted in coordinating the various features of clients’ litigation requirements overseas. 

Understandably, the client’s optimal way forward should be practical, efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, litigation is deemed to be of last resort, which in certain unfortunate circumstances is unavoidable. DF Advocates’ Litigation team is mainly concentrated around commercial, civil and maritime litigation.

DF Advocates is committed to tailoring its legal services in accordance with the unique characteristics and issues of each specific dispute. Our priority is to reach an amicable and out-of-court settlement in the best interests of our clients’ strategies and commercial objectives through the provision of dispute avoidance, risk management and contractual advice. 

Our approach emphasizes practical understanding of our clients’ business problems with experience across every segment of the corporate and financial world. We guarantee individual attention to our clients whilst keeping them abreast with the proceedings and possible implications of their case.

We specialize in managing complex cases involving multiple claims and parties, whilst endeavoring to reduce unwarranted expenses and lengthy proceedings.

This is precisely the reason why our firm is dedicated to protect our clients’ every interest and actively enforcing their rights, conscious of the need for expeditious and cost effective solutions. Should resort to the judicial system be inevitable our Litigation Department provides for assistance and representation through experienced and knowledgeable lawyers.

For further information on how DF Advocates can assist you in any of your litigation requirements, kindly contact us on info@dfadvocates.com.


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