Filippo Maria Arcaleni

  • Position: Associate & Head of Business Development
  • Practice Areas: Corporate and Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Negotiation of International Contracts, Aircraft Registration and Financing, Aviation law Gaming and Betting.
  • Qualifications: Graduated from Perugia University, Law Faculty. Italian Lawyer with a Master in international contracts. ADR warranted.
  • Languages Spoken: Italian, English and Spanish
  • Email: Filippo.arcaleni@dfadvocates.com

Experience and Key Assignments

Member of the Italian Chamber of Lawyers (Italy), Member of the Madrid Chamber of Lawyer(Spain), Recognized as Legal Professional under the Maltese Jurisdiction.

Filippo graduated as a Doctor of Laws from the University of Perugia. In the same University he obtained a Master in international Contracts and negotiation in support of small and medium Companies. He obtained the warrant to practise as lawyer under the Italian Jurisdiction and the Spanish. He is fully recognized as legal professional to practice in Malta.
He trained, worked and cooperated in Italian Law firms and companies in Italy and Spain, and became an Associate of DF Advocates, as an international consultant. His principal areas of practice comprise corporate law, general commercial law, mergers & acquisitions negotiation and contracts, gaming and betting activities, aircraft registration and finance, aviation.
In the last 5 years he got an extensive experience in the Business Aviation sector, participating in various complex operations, including but not limited to AOC restructuring and set up of new operations within aviation groups, development of new operations, AOC/AOL obtainment (under Maltese law) sale/acquisition of aircrafts, negotiation of leasing agreements, , assistance to client under EU/EASA regulation.
He is also involved in projects related to the future of aviation and transport with special reference to the new technologies like E-Aviation (electric short-range flights) UAM – EVTOL and Technology.

Other Roles Covered:
1. Director of Communication within the Malta Business Aviation Association http://mbaa.org.mt/board-members
2. Vice-Chair Legal Aviation Lawyers Committee https://www.ebaa.org/about-us/working-groups/aviation-lawyers-committee-amac