Malta’s registry is on the White List and Low-Risk Ship List of the Paris MOU and is considered as a reputable flag of choice. All type of ships are considered to be eligibile for registration under the Malta Flag, from pleasure yachts to oil rigs and ships under construction. Vessels over 25 years are not eligible to be registered under Malta flag.

Who can register a ship ?

  • Personal Ownership – citizens of Malta, EU, EEA or Switzerland;
  • Bodies Corporate/Trusts/Foundations (Shipping Organisations) established under Maltese law;
  • Foreign legal persons (International Ownership);

Maltese law provides for three types of registration:

  1. Underlying ownership
  2. Bareboat charter registration
  3. Registration under Section 19A of the Merchant Shipping Act
  1. Underlying ownership

    Vessels are first registered provisionally under the Malta Flag for a period of six months extendable for up to a period of one year in aggregate, during which all documents must be finalized. Documents that need to be produced for Provisional registration include:

  2. Bareboat charter registration

    Maltese law provides both for bareboat charter registration of foreign ships under the Malta Flag and also for the bareboat out registration of Maltese owners ships to other compatible registries.

  3. Registration under Section 19A of the Merchant Shipping ActCharterer can obtain certificate of Malta registry in the charterer’s name and as the operator of the time or voyage charter. The main reasons for such registration is for navigational and tonnage tax purposes. Prior to such registration the charterer must obtain the consent of owner of vessel.

Our Shipping Department is able to assist and advice clients throughout the vessel registration process.


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