Maltese Funds Register Largest Percentage Growth in Europe

In terms of the latest statistical analysis of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) published by the MFSA, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) registered in Malta have reached an aggregate net asset value of €17.7 billion as at the 30th June 2021, rising by €3.3 billion or 23.4% when compared to end of 2020. This placed Malta in the highest rank in terms of percentage growth compared to other European jurisdictions in the period under review.

Malta’s results contribute to the positive growth in this regard at a European level, which has registered a net assets increase of €1.6 trillion or 8.8%.

In its report, the MFSA also noted a 20% net increase in the number of Notified AIFs (or NAIFs) during the six-month period, acknowledging its attractive features including time to market. At a European level, the total number of registered funds also increased by 0.8% from the end of 2020 till the 30th June 2021.

The full report referred to herein is accessible from the MFSA’s website. Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the financial services team at dfcs@dfadvocates.com .

Image Credits: medium.com