Malta has developed into a highly reputable and regulated environment in the international banking sector. In its capacity as Malta’s single regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority  is vested with the responsibility of supervising and regulating the banking sector. The MFSA has transposed EU legislation and best practice into its regulatory standards and rules, whilst simultaneously allowing for the flexibility necessary in the modern dynamic banking environment.

In their totality, the Banking Act and the Financial Institutions Act, together with all relative rules and regulations issued under their respective authority, regulate the licensing and ongoing compliance requirements of credit institutions, financial institutions, electronic money institutions, and payment services institutions.

Our knowledge and understanding of the banking sector, coupled with our excellent relationship with the regulator, places us at the forefront in providing sound commercial and regulatory advice to banks and other financial institutions both at incorporation and licensing stage and during the course of the institutions’ operations.

Our team closely follows all regulatory developments in the banking sector to be in a better position to assist and advise our clients in the banking sector on all regulatory aspects, a factor which is essential in view of the ever-growing complexities of the banking regulatory environment.


DF advocates is a tightly woven network of highly skilled lawyers and staff professionals who continue to help Exante grow our business through proactive representation. The Lawyers and their teams have taken time to understand our business and our culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. Because of their experience, they arrive at solutions quickly. We value our partnership with DF.

Patrick J O Brien
Director of Communications


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