DF offers a wealth of experience in relation to securitisation, a field which has seen a resurgence in recent years, and has been endorsed by the European Commission and promoted as a tool to stimulate credit, investment, and job creation in Europe. Malta, in addition, is the fastest growing securitisation jurisdiction within Europe, wherein benefits include tax neutrality, bankruptcy remoteness, limited litigious recourse, privileged claims of investors and securitisation creditors and light touch regulatory oversight, amongst others.

DF leads a team of advocates experienced in the field of securitisations and tax, and provides expert advice and services in the structuring and implementation of securitisation transactions, setting up securitisation vehicles in Malta and assistance on their ongoing obligations thereafter.

DF advocates is a tightly woven network of highly skilled lawyers and staff professionals who continue to help Exante grow our business through proactive representation. The Lawyers and their teams have taken time to understand our business and our culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. Because of their experience, they arrive at solutions quickly. We value our partnership with DF.

Patrick J O Brien
Director of Communications


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