Malta offers the perfect conditions for entities active in the payment services, e-money and, recently, crypto-based sectors.

Payment Service Providers

Since the enactment of the Payment Services Directive, Malta has seen a rise in the number of Payment Service Providers licensed and operating from within Malta. This has, undoubtedly, been aided by Malta’s success in becoming the jurisdiction of choice for a number of i-Gaming and e-Commerce businesses.

Electronic Money Institutions

The implementation of the Electronic Money Directive has seen a steady growth in the interest of e-Money institutions that have either established their operations in Malta or passported to Malta from other EU Member States. The jurisdiction’s advanced IT and telecoms infrastructure already present in Malta has been a catalyst for such continuing growth.

Crypto Assets Regulation

Since the latter half of 2016, the Government, in conjunction with leading experts in the field, began been developing Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy. The result is that Malta is the first EU jurisdiction to effectively regulate Initial Coin Offerings (‘ICOs’) and cryptocurrency-related services including assets management, investment advisory services, and exchanges, inter alia. The novel approach taken by the Maltese legislator promises not to stifle innovation whilst providing the required legal certainty.

Our services are aimed at providing an all-encompassing solution in the provision of legal advice and assistance at corporate structuring, licence application, drafting of whitepaper as well as, through our strategic partners, advice and assistance on the technology underpinning the structure.

DF advocates is a tightly woven network of highly skilled lawyers and staff professionals who continue to help Exante grow our business through proactive representation. The Lawyers and their teams have taken time to understand our business and our culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. Because of their experience, they arrive at solutions quickly. We value our partnership with DF.

Patrick J O Brien
Director of Communications


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